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This is a fucking war.
Deserve the right, when you hone your face of consequence.
This is your time, hold your ground and never release.
We are, we are marching out and this
Is the final urge for you to join the clan or burn alone.
Cut those ties and break that so called line of control.
Sway with the madness but walk against the tide.
Let go. Let go of yourself now.
And in this rage trip you might just find yourself...
Stronger than you ever were.
Destroy; destroy the dismay that binds you.
Join us in the sun.
Defy the bluff of confinement and join us in the sun.
Do yourself a favour and grow a spine.
Along with a pair that you never had.
Don’t hesitate. You’ve got to actify the rage and let go.
Free yourself from the bindings imposed on you.
It broke you when you let you believe you were just a dreg.
Fed on your silence and consumed every inch of you.
Just because you were feeble.
They found your nerve of insecurities.
And when the cards unfold. They’ll let the blame become you.
They let you weather into pieces of nothingness.
No regards, no value. Scream and let them know you are now.
Undetermined from their schemes of pressure and immure.
Join us in the sun.
Defy the bluff of confinement and join us in the sun.
We are the trust of the voiceless.
We are the age of the unafraid.
Resolute and valiant.

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