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Cold anxiety leaves me worthless,
As I cringe in fear of the phantasm.
Woke up with shivers, a simple whisper of your name in the dark.
An ability to disorient you
Movements around you but you can’t see
What your ears ask you to.
Your vision speaks but the mind disagrees.
A silhouette fades despite the stillness.
Invalid experiences, logic defiled.
Hallucination or an apparition?
For real or a delusion.
Is it there? Is it not?
Is it extant but incog?
To unknow what was known,
What is unknown will be known.
Games it plays to manipulate my fright.
Corner of an eye, man of the match, player of the night.
What is unknown will be known.
To unknown what is known.
The mind fears what lies ahead.
As I cringe in fear of the phantasm.

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