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You can’t believe. You can’t destroy me.
None can deny. You can’t ignore me.
All that you’ve done shall be denied now.
All that you’ve built shall be destroyed now.
You seek a rise but no proceed, seekers.
That spark to build a raging fire is you.
I’m Born of Unity.
Born of Unity.
I’m Born of Unity.
Born of Unity.
Wake up and prove you’re not invisible.
Our ancestors fought hard for our freedom.
Are you free?
Listen to me.
This is an empire built on lies and deceit.
Bloodshed of your innocence screams a war cry.
You are the fucking new breed, take no bull shit.
I’m Born of Unity.
Born of Unity.
I’m Born of Unity.
Born of Unity.
Take a life and smile at the ones who are crying for.
Realizing my suffering, you don’t know what I’ve been through.
There’s no war for peace.
Struggle – in our lives been through suffering.
You’re not forgiven.
Fight as one cause this is a battle and we will win.
Own your existence, live your right.
Fear no self-conflict, it’s a rebellion.

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Born Of Unity

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