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Weeping Christ - text

He cries within a trance, beckoning just to tell,
Of his harlequin legend as he's withering in Hell,
From the abyssal pits of His thoughtless love,
Wasted thick upon the non-deserving sinners from above,
May you recall the night,
Of our solitude's plight,
Dying fast from the light,
Satan's clutch was so tight,
Bleeding out from within,
Your body lathered in sin,
"To sever your lust herein"
I forced these tears again,
Witheld is our warmth and memory,
In the tears of a weeping Christ,
Compelled the blinding attack,
From the shrapnel and flak,
A wave of Hell to fight back,
Reveals your savior's lack,
Feel our goddess arise,
Through the mud and His lies,
Angels covet her demise,
Watching as innocence dies,
Serpentine harlots await,
Your arrival at gate,
Where they're ripped asunder,
Ascension far past our sight,
Where the angels take flight,
And sorrow's led under,
Under shadows we're born,
Flourished, fucked, and forlorn,
As our purity's torn,
From Jesus and his scorn,
Dismantled our trust,
Toward the core of disgust,
Neath burning sunset we must,
Ignite our thriving lust.

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