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Eve of Abomination - text

Cursed harlot within burning pastures,
Look upon the swaying, rotten filth,
A dozen corpses slathered thick in blood,
Beckoning the lured whores upon the hills,
Your savior's remnants but a fucking shadow,
Piercing screams arousing morbid lust,
Condemned, his spirit still roaming the gallows,
Fornication in the citadel of God,
Be still thy bleeding Christ,
Be still thy screaming Christ,
Cruelty sought for this passion,
The gardens smoking at your feet,
One cryptic method of rejuvination,
Raping through your hollow memories,
Of all the Christians on this dying eve,
Your indulgence brings the worst tragedy,
So much airborn desire, you can hardly fucking breathe,
To reveal what blooded eyes may see,
Be still thy bleeding Christ,
Be still thy screaming Christ,
Welcome to your condemnation,
On the eve of abomination,
In the name of Christ, ressurrect the demons that fall,
Welcome to your mutilation,
On the eve of abomination,
Where the succubi fuck, bringing down from above,
A blood-soaked halo.

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