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Envy of Lilith - text

Chrome spikes contact at twelve
Isolated light of the blackened sky
Shattered remains leave a puzzle
Only truth could be the solution
Baal shall only dream of his fears
Lilith can live only within regret
Yet at the edge of utter sorrow
These souls entwine longer yet
Destruction of the moon
Brought with its indulgence
A mood foreign to them at once
When all else was forgotten
Crept up with a will to satisfy
Yet this connection can only decieve
Hiding behind lust and blood
The music shows him the way
Dear sorrowed shell of a woman
See past the fog of your life
Know that you control the future
Know that we aren't all of lies
This night holds the union
Of two that cannot be
Heaven and Hell at war
The silence nearly deafening
A spawn will form with nothing but malice
It knows not of mercy
Matricide, patricide, and a massive slaughter
Result of the forbidden
Forever a wall of bleeding roses
And thorns to hold the gates
Once opened and never again
This night is but a dream

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