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Vampire Killin Kit - text

The sun shown my grandma scoured
the graveyards, with her vampire killin' kit
with a horse and a virgin kid on the graves
When the night has Fallen
she scoured again the graveyards
with a vampire killin' kit but Vampires were hiden
She didn't know that they watched her as they masturbate
This Fuckin' old asshole at First
had exhumed a coffin,
sticked in a corpse a stake pushed through the
heart so deeply that a long bloodgushing I led the Family vault.
Then she had taken two points (one point sticked in both temple),
cut the head with a shovel and buried him under a crossway
You've so sexy, oh my lady... OH MY BABY!
My grandma's too sexy to limp along in Front of
some Vampires! too sexy! A real sexbomb!

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