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All is dead and all is gone.
The Whores left and God is dead.
The Dust fills all the dead Lungs.
The Sun has failed, Darkness rose.
Dead Creatures walk the Earth
Eyes stop bleeding and bodies rot.
Orphaned Beings.
No more Human Victims.
The last House left alone, Godforsaken.
Now the Shape of Despair is gone.
Only Hatred is left in the Air.
The Stench now fills the unhallowed Earth.
Orphaned Beings.
No more Human Victims.
Planet: Zombie.
Planet: Zombie.
The Earth stand still.
Demons wait in Darkness.
Sworn to A new Damnation.
The Souls will stay there eternal.
Finally Explosion made dark Visions come true.

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A Dreadful Decease

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