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So you're proud to be a binder
I wish my words were only fuel
To clear now this silver ink you're drawn with
Leaving behind your golden shell
All is Babel
We seek the throne of perfect hell
And you ask yourself
Tell me
How to grab my eyes in the darkest age
How to catch my sight in front of a blinded heaven
You say we're not under mechanics law
I say we've build the chains of erosion
Watch the Great Tower
In one eye vulture
This modern idol
It mouth, ravenous den
Drooling at ruins
Our hands were in silver
Burn now the skin used to taste emptiness
If they want to throw freedom up
Don't ever swallow the plague of lie
Tear down this monument you've built
Life after life
Gouge out the eye of the beast
You gave birth to in ignorance
Our hands found again will be tempests

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