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Pulse active, man, I'm a master mind,
Backhand, Backgammon with a faster mind.
Game Theory, Yodel let my soldiers hear me,
So solid, you better metal gear me.
Steady gamer, you're a lamer,
Need a second life just to get you some fame, huh?
Bottle'a champagne held by the power,
Buy another one when the clock strikes the hour.
Get drunk, and slide up in the limo,
Typin' on the Skype, yeah talkin' to the Camo.
By the time nerd life on the chorus,
Nerd life on the block rootin' for us.
Writin' rhymes through school up in the notepad,
G hit it on the block, yeah we so rad.
Like the power glove, baby we so bad.
DSL on my block, rollin' covad.
Game theory, your man made it happen.
Nerd Life on the tummy and I'm rappin'
Nerd life on the tummy and I'm grabbin'
Everything I can cause the game made it happen.
(Repeat Hook 3x)
Tired in my era, a phenomenon
Said the right words and I took the Necronomicon,
Writin' rhymes, bustin' heads with the feds,
Burn 'em out like my Plextors since I was a kid.
They ask me, 'How can we get rid of ya?'
My life get graphics, and call me a vidiot.
Computer connoisseur, entrepreneur,
Checkin' haters from my school and I'm seein' how they're poor.
Drank milk now the girls notice me,
Made a couple bucks now the world notice me,
and you know this, see
Cause my game theory's
bringing everything to the table
Like SQL ("Sequel") queries
Computer craftsman, game theory got me
Detractors, they box and crop me
But my image is not to be choppy,
Authentic to the game and they can never stop me
(Repeat Hook until end)

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