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(Verse 1)
I'm online, and I'm readin'
Click a few times, to see what you seedin'
See on your shares, you got what I'm needin'
Yeah, see me leachin', the torrent heathen
Warez loader, masterfully established
My ratio average, 'cause I rape savage
Style all my peers, gotta grab your stuff
Snatch Games, music, I can't get enough
I'm online, yeah I'm up late nights
Giving out all my "OiNK" invites
Buggin' me if the tracker's private
Ridin' up on this hacker's privates
Can't have them sweatin' us pirates
Sieze my comp.[uter], and I'll deny it
(It's the Caribbean?) death of the nets
While you slept I done leeched about a million megabits
(Chorus x8)
Download/upload, in my defense
I'm addicted to grabbin' lots of torrents
(Yeah, Yeah) Yodel at my partner NitroBurn
Cause he got (them e-geeks?) and then money to earn
Just as sure as this torrent portal
we some goddamn legends that be straight immortal
I vomit, Azerius to your BitComit
See what I serve get it Down [loaded] then comment
Yeah little noobs I'm the next Rick Ross
Got every episode of the hit show Lost
Movies and (manga?) and Anime
See I'm ridin' the flow like a manta ray
My boy'd be the man today
But the feds caught my boy when he ran away
(Found west it's?) all the way to piratebay
Gigabit stream I'm a rider hey
Outsiders yeah they admire it eh?
Can't get what we get they get virus eh?
(Chorus x8)
Download/upload, in my defense
I'm addicted to grabbin' lots of torrents
Yes, this is the chess club champion,
the emperor, the despot, the dictator,
the nerd Henry the Eighth I am, I am,
infamous YTCracker coming at you
live and direct from Colorado Beach Studios,
in the beautiful Colorado Springs, 719,
mountain range, (Boulder?) beaches,
Nerdy South Records, spam king, letting you know
that if you aren't serving the South on
some kind of torrents racker, you're doing
Nerd Life a disservice. Peace to all
the rising warez groups out there,
past and present, you know that I have
mad love for you, keep doing your thing,
because the moment the Gibsons stop getting hacked,
we can no longer pull garbage files.
Not that that means shit to you anyway,
but it is what it is. Digital gangster forever,
Spamtec forever, STC is the greatest
and will remain the greatest, and it will
be that way until the end of time.
Your purchase and support and undying love
for our music is appreciated and thanks
for supporting the Nerdy South Records.
On behalf of YTCracker and the entire
NSR STC DG family, and our friends at, we salute you.
Nerd army, Spamtec, bitch, until we die.
Thank you so much. I'm out. Blah---

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