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How can you believe?
How can you not believe?
How can you believe in a world without God?
Imagine there was no world
No stars, no sky
Imagine if you did not even exist
Verse 1:
There is a way to not fall prey
To the Devil's deal
Check out the truth to find the proof
That God is real
Beware the lies are right beside you
To shift the truth so you fall behind
God sent His Son to Earth
To guide you
You know you're always on His mind
He exists
He exists
Verse 2:
No-one knows the day dark shade of grey
God's Son revealed
The rest will say we should have prayed
'Cause God is real
Don't wait 'til then to find the answers
The truth is now and here to find
If you turn away and take the chances
You'll be the one that's left behind
(He exists)
For the message of the cross
Is foolishness to those who are perishing
But to us who are being saved
It is the power of God
What's goin' on around this place?
Without a God there is no trace
Of the life to live no human race
X-Files said it's all from space
Science said the world was flat
And sailed west 'til they came back
Now big bang is a matter of fact
For those poor souls in faith they lack
Confused and used and totally hacked
Of vision, decisions but they'll come back
To truth
To God
He exists
He exists
He exists
He exists

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