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Vision Of A Child - text

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Little Jubal boy
Go to sleep tonight
The stars are twinkling in the sky
Little Jubal boy
The streams in your dreams
Let 'em flow somewhere you don't know
And with the moon you can croon
Any tune you like
As you travel through the night
Little Jubal boy
The woods and fields are dark
Except for the light of the moon and stars
So go on ahead
Through the portals of your dreams
Go on escape these earthly bars
And you can sail the silver streams
As you travel through your dreams
As you travel through the night
Little Jubal boy
Do remember me
For I need the vision of a child
Little Jubal boy
Help me if you can
For I've grown to bitter and too white
But I'll search in my soul
No matter how old
For the vision of a child

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