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Feel Alright (Ft. Anchetta) - text

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You make me feel alright,
and I know you feel it too
I'm feelin' you, you feelin' dude?
game at the peak and still improve
oh you took? I'm stealin' you
freal I'm cool...breaking a heart to chill with you
realest dude you will seduce and I will remove..
your main twerk from the framework
a one night stand just can't work
I'll tell you the things that you ain't heard
but wait let me head to the bank first
that paper
will make her
understand that another man is a scraper to a Phantom
I'm intellectual; handsome
with perpetual antics
bound to get you
bound to kiss you
bound to fit you into next week
so let's be at sixes
both you and I know that this is
so get this Mrs.
miss this and you mistress

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