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Fuck off berlin
The cute boy is dancing on the speaker
Fuck off my friend
Turn me on I'm gonna make it louder
Fuck off berlin
Sebastian is calling trying to win me over
Go on my friend
It's terrible to watch even if you're sober
One day I'm be myself
One day I'm gonna change my name
Fuck off berlin you don't speak you scream
You don't even make me dream
Come on berlin
The cute boy is falling off the speaker
Don't be my friend
There's a party in my mouth
You can take a picture
Fuck off berlin
I love you like I should
In every corner
Fuck off my friend
I hate this fucking club, game is over
I like your shoes, like your coat and your little smile
I like your eyes, like your body and your sense of style
You're a city, you're a train, an historic site
I like it when you're cold, so lets go out tonight

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