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You know, we go thru alot of things in life. But you get thru it tho. Just look at everything as a blessing. Its all up to the man upstairs. You feel me? Let me just give you a little something, check it out.
LOOK, Im sitting here writing rhymes throwing papers in the trash
Im just thinking in the past
About my home boys, how we used to chill and kick it
Now they hatin on me man, I aint even wit it
What happened to those times we used to hit the park
And play B-ball till the hood got dark
Things change now, I got a little fame now
Friendship went down the drain now, they know my name now
I aint livin off that, Im saying this with respect
I aint boosting my stats, Im just tryna let you know
You lost one homie, forget this rap thing
Man you lost a good homie
Took a trip down memory lane, it wasnt the same
Thinking to myself how did i get in this game
Got hurt a couple times, but im glad i survived
Thank the man upstairs that im even alive
9/11 World Trade, had a meeting that day
Coulda died on that plane but Im glad i stayed
Nobody knows my life, or what I been thru
They only know about Jin, they dont know about Jai Youth
About my moms leaving me, telling us to pack
Drop me off at my aunts, she said she'll be right back
Understand where I come from, a life of pain
So when Im gone I'll make sure they remember my name
You feel me
I went thru alot of stuff when I was young, in my life
Moms turned to them drugs, still had to fight
Dad became a better man for my sis and I
To this day man it still brings tears to my eyes
I do this music for a reason, its not just a story
I do this for my fam not for the fame and glory
Finger in the middle for the ones who judge
Man Im young, I aint tryna be no thug
If you feel where Im coming from, its that real beat
Im still medium dude ya gotta feel me
My fam always said there'd be days like this
Who woulda thought it'd be done so quick
For real..

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