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Yeah imma keep it uh
imma keep it real classy aint that right alfredo haha
Yes sir :P
Im back at it to win You heard! (Yep yep yep) x2
Check me out check me out
Look Now everybody in the industry log onto my twitter page, come and follow me (hey)
see everybody in that industry, log onto my twitter page (Yup yup)
Look, I woke up in the morning i heard them saying my name Guess im not the only one thats doing shit in this game.
Been raping hella early well 6 to be exact cuttin' two years off, at four was ready to attack, got twitter going wild say im jealous of who? who say? i say? NOBODY jealous of YOU!
Im a psychic with the a mind hell im one to believe make that card read on your arm that you aint fucking with me
Hell, im a rhode island native lil nigga with patience. saw jason went raging, they ask him where his face went. just one time you praying to the holy world, ruin you just to end the one less lonely girl.
Killed them wih kindness asked them why i aint strike back got a big time rush bet ya' girl like that.
was gone for a little, been in the lab while you shopping with your girl and he holding the bags, its sad opps. That was a low blow punk i leave you like a spare tire have you right in my trunk. i put your teeth up on the curb have you meeting my dunks shit that go for you and each and everyone of you chumps.
I heard that ramblin and damblin Im guessing you the man and Friend Im scramblin and damagin feelings to Mr.Hamilton. Im doing two things and getting tip and making marks so i got another jew on my list
You got lucky with this one see im trying be a tag along bet your haters wanna learn this diss so they can rap along.
Tie you in the car attach you with a atomic bomb, going down a one way clothes smelling like someday. I'm not the one for the games and going bypass can have all the money in the world but cant buy swag
You a little boy remind yourself trying to be like other niggas, still aint found yourself.
Im a sick nigga, might just wanna dodge your health, and stop rappin' hearing my lines will probably help. man, im far from a hater after this they gone remember me, be on the next mail like your girl in this industry
Subliminal dissing? say it right to my face, only thing fly about you is the dove on your waist.
Heard i aint talking to twist and i aint planning to fix it, Phone calls hittin me up im guessing that i just missed it. better keep your mouth shut even though we get found by a tree like a present on christmas.
LOOk, im back at it homie still going in standing tall head high yeah they still know its him.
Jinsu trending topic on twitter, from the hate but its love labeled as a read nigga.
Let the hate and the hate come
Let it pile homie i just hold court im talking with a trial. shit, im on my way up i aint ever looking down i just bulid from hate still reppin my town
You say that imma rookie though i been here for a while
Cause when you smile i smile YA HEARD!

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