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Why R U - text

Verse 1 (Kidd Flow)
Shortie, I know you long for me,
Wide open like a door, no choice but to adore me,
Don't get me wrong, I still think about you all the time,
But you did me so wrong, I had to draw the line,
I always wonder if we really ever had a chance,
Cause at the time, I could've sworn we had the "master plan",
But instead you went ahead and let our roads split,
Old sh*t, yet I still can't control this
feeling that I still get,
I never get it from these other girls I chill with,
But they still trip,
Maybe baby we'll get another chance at love,
No TV though, No TV show,
We gotta keep it so forreal that we make candy rain,
I wanna give you my all, but you just hand me pain,
Should I make a move? I guess I gotta choose,
It's plenty more around, but you're the one I can't lose,
Verse 2 (PJ)
I took a ride to Cleveland, and never thought I would
meet a girl like you and everything would be so good,
But now it's so bad, because I made you sad,
And everything, I look back, now it makes me mad,
I had a life to live,
I had to think about,
It was either loving you or I had to take a route,
For my own, cause now I'm getting grown,
And I know you had my back but girl I'm on my own,
..Now let's just chill,
You're always on my mind girl, and that's forreal,
And it's crazy how the things that we had go bad,
But we can't let it hurt everything that we had,
So um, I ain't even trying to go and doubt you,
But there's one thing, I only care about you,
I'm sorry to tell you,
I got another girl you're always compared to,
My first love.

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