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What's the hold up? We're trying to do it right now,
And you gotta show us, yeah we know it might sound
greater than it really really is,
Really really this on some really real sh*t,
Can you feel this?
Roll up (To get down)
Go Up (To get down)
What's up? (To get down)
We up (To get down)
Verse 1 (PJ)
Hello, it's PJ on your regular,
So how about you go and dial in on your celluar,
About to tell you how I'm living, many different areas,
Kind of like when the landlord doesn't charish ya,
"Sorry sir, the money's coming irregular"
Had to get a part time hustle just to better us,
I had to do my thing, and every time I'm in the dollar store a buck goes
I live for today, not tomorrow,
The past is never present in my everyday model,
Put five dollars in my tank, full throttle,
Just to go chill with a chick that likes to drink,
Smokes good weed, got a body like a model,
And scrape up change, just to get "chipotle",
Some things are down but I'ma live it up,
I ain't ever turnin' round, I ain't ever comin' down,
I ain't never ever (ever ever) gonna leave,
It's me, PJ, and I'm here right now,
Verse 2 (Flow)
And I'ma never ever stop until the end of time,
At least the end of mine, I think I tend to shine,
Because of my gift to rhyme, and make 'em hit rewind,
The type to settle for an eight before I chase a dime,
I still find a way to keep a fresh fit,
But man, I'm trying to find a plan to get a fresh whip,
Because I'm tired of this two week, one check sh*t,
No A/C in the Summer ain't nothing to mess with, plus,
Man I ain't trying to be twenty my momma's crib,
Lance told me "be strong" so I gotta live,
To be a star, illuminate like the sunrise,
It's amazing to know that we all live under one sky,
I swear sometimes I sit and get dumb high,
And wonder why I'm even here in the first place,
But when I think about it, no need to think about it,
While you're stalling, I can hear the money calling (calling),
Man I can hear that money calling..
So I go get..
*Chorus* 2x

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