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Yeah I like black girls, white girls, spanish girls, asian girls, any type of girls
If you fun, but you just fucking fun,
Yeah I don't really gotta touch me if you're sexy then you sexy
Tell your wild if you will let me
Promise that you won't forget me
Like I'm real fixing with you ready then I'm ready?
Little skinny yinny bitches in a sloppy hit a Chevy
Like a bad bitch a booja use you mad bitch
I grew up in the city, bitches low booties
I don't mind that stretch marks on the side bitches like the girls but something from behind that just low bullies
I don't mind that bitch let me not forget the skinny minis, I ain't fucking picky.
Y'all could do a fucking any, mini body like a number eight. I love it.
Wish you gimme gimme hands around our waist, like every single Wimmy with me no.
I like ripper's feet, I like MVBW light skin, dark skin, spanish girls, I'm the whitechick chicks, baby, don't discriminate and if you fucking find that, we can get it away.
Because why you got to be so damn fine? And all the exes are got to be so damn blind ?
Yeah, because, baby, I just want to break your spine.
Forget it, baby girl.Take your time.
I like girls low fine ass bitch stretching marts on thepie ass bitches like the girls want to cut a littlesomething from behind that bitch, I don't find that.I
like girls.Girls on the side, bitches from behind that
I mean, I just like girls.Is that a fucking crime? I find it's. Fuck.

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