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(Mase) - Yeah! Uh,
(Kanye) - Jesus, Jesus -repeated-
(Mase) - This song right here changed my life… come on, come on!
-Jesus Walks-
(Kanye) God show me the way, now the devil can’t break me down
-Jesus walk with me-
(Verse One - Kanye)
Between the girls in the jury
The devil tryin’ lure me, fury me
(Mase) Jesus walks wit me
My Pastors shakin’ his head,
He ain’t sure of me, but surely
(Mase) Jesus walks wit me,
They asked, do you say your prayers
At least two a week?
I ain’t talking to god,
I know what I’ve been doin’ G
Do you know how I be embarrassed?
My prayers sound like Ben Stiller’s on Meet the Parents
And I ain’t good, what they give us this day
The slaves is trying to give us this free,
I’m trying to give us this pay
Man, you know how ‘dem strippers was
We was all ‘ghetto fabulous’
All at the rooms in the (?)
From this Jacuzzi water,
Can you cleanse us?
Can you please unfold my Cardiare Lenses?
God sends signs sometimes only in glimpses
For me I almost died,
Falling asleep in the Benz
It’s something about this beef that get me tranquilized
And when I play it at my show I feel sanctified
And he gives me direction when I can’t decide
He is alive
How can you tell me that he ain’t,
When I said,
-Jesus Walks-
(Kanye) God show me the way, now the devil can’t break me down
-Jesus walks with me-
(Kanye) The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now
-I want Jesus-
(Kanye) And now I think there is something that I can say now that’ll right my wrongs
-Jesus walks with me-
(Kanye) I finally talked to God, I ain’t afraid ‘cuz his love is so strong
(Verse 2 - Mase)
Come on, Come on,
Before you take my name
Take my fame
Why you had to take my shame?
Take my flaws
Take my blame
Feel my dirt,
Conceal my hurt
See my bruise
Do this and you will walk in my shoes
You wasn’t there when I was in deep thought
When I had two choices,
Kill him, or either leave New York
But I’m a true teller (yeah,)
That’s why I say what I’m saying (yeah)
And the only thing the radio is playing
Is because you big fan
It ain’t about who really hot no more
Beasts will knock no more
So who cares?
Who flock no more?
I realize that most labels pay you for lies
And only law dudes can disguise
That’s your favorite artist (shhh)
I know you hear that (huh?)
You wanna fear that? (what?)
Your worst dream is that you was gonna hear that
I and Kan’ to rap
And sat John the Baptist
Prepared the way,
For what I came to say today
They deceived us,
Having thinking Jesus
Really didn’t need us
When he loved the ol’ days
He loved the boys in the hard days up in broad day
Even those who be here for dope, every four days
To the strippers in broad day up in Norway
To the Detroit player gators up in more ways
With me, its not just bars and music
I walk with god
I got the scar to prove it

-Jesus Walks-
(Kanye) God show me the way, now the devil can’t break me down
-Jesus walks with me-
(Kanye) The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now
(Outro - Mase)
Everybody out there,
Just lift your hands right now
Just say this with me
Father, I thank you
For forgiving me of everything I’ve ever done
For Jesus walking with me
For dying for me
Raising for me
And all my sins have been forgiven
I’m a changed man
I’m healed, I’m delivered, I’m rich
And it’s all because of him
Now walk with me
Walk wit me, walk, walk, walk wit me
Walk wit me

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