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(verse 1)
I think I just fell in love with a porn star
turn the camera on, she a born star
turn the corners in a foreign car
call the coroners do the CPR
she gave that old nigger an ulser
bitter sweet taste made his gold tooth ache (uh)
make a knee shake, make a priest faint (uh)
make a nun come, make her cremate (uh)
move down town cop a sweet space (uh)
livin life like we on a sweep stakes (what)
we headed to hell for heaven's sakes (huh)
well imma levatate, make the devil wait (yeah)

have you lost your mind
tell me what you think, we've crossed the line
no more drugs for me
pussy and religion is all i need
grab my hand
baby we'll live a hell of a life

(verse 2)
never in your wildest dreams
never in your wildest dreams
in your wildest
you can hear the loudest screams
comin' from inside the screen
you a wild bitch
tell me what i gotta do to be that guy
said her price go down, she ever fuck a black guy
or do anal, or do a gang bang
it's kinda crazy, that's all considered the same thing
well i guess a lot of niggers do gang bang
and if you run trains, we all in the same game
run away slaves all on a chain gang
bang, bang, bang, bang, bang


(verse 3)
one day im gon' marry a porn star
we'll have a big ass crib and a long yard
we'll have a mansion and some fly maids
nothin' to hide, we both screwed the brides maid
she wanna roll play, 'till i roll over
imma need a whole day, atleast (roll doja?)
but party is we goin' to on oscar day
especially if she can't get that dress form Oscar Day
Laurenta, they wouldn't rent her, they couldn't take the change
that's a dress of her back and told her get away
how can they say they live they life wrong
when you never fuck wit' the lights on
(fuck wit' the lights, fuck wit' the, wit' the lights on x6)

(verse 4)
i think i fell in love with a pornstar
and got married in the bathroom
honeymoon on the dancefloor
and got divorced by the end of the night
thats one hell of a life

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