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Morning light, it’s over now.
Colours of yesterday are not
black and white, and you know how,
to make it bright, to take it right,
you know the way.
Don’t be sad, it’s brand new day.
And in your heart you start again, and soon
you’ll forget what did you say,
anymore, open the door,
cry it loud!

Rise ‘n’ shine, the night is gone
keep on livin’, do it on
and on ~
and on ~
Memories birds gonna sing
and stories that this day will bring
it on ~
and on ~

Dust and stars are bout to leave,
You know you have to do your best and then
Show all cards you hide in sleeve,
And deep within you start to grin
From ear to ear
On the mend, now shut the lies
Cause in your heart you start again, now just
Don’t pretend, open your eyes
Quit the game, you’re not the same
Start to live!


You know it’s over, you know it’s over now,
You have been slower, this time you got it and how!


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RISE 'N' SHINE (single 2014)

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