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All these niggas stealing swag
I've been getting tats since I was 14
Tell my bitch "throw it in the bag"
22 for the Balmain jeans
I'm smoking, these niggas, they needing nicotine
Rat race, first place, famous like a Kennedy
All my diamonds lemonade, hearts stay below degrees
Too many bitches marry them all: polygamy
Make a waterfall: Yosemite
Highest underrated nigga, I don't need you rating me
Sold out shows way before this shit was BET
Knocking at my front door
Bitches trying to peek and see
Last Kings, YMCMB: you know the team
Just counted 50 thou in my Waldorf suite
Man, this life's too fuckin easy
Ferrari red all over, call it Santa bleeding
Hype dreaming, put the reality key in
All we do is win: every day and fucking weekend
Me and my bitch riding around, bumping The Weeknd
You don't wanna feature me?
I'mma eat your beat then
Spit it back out, it's nasty
She don't wanna swallow kids but she loves gagging
High-fashion, ass models and beauty pageants
Young Aladdin, Versace carpet
I need a Jasmine
Tour bus riding, got a show up in Dallas
Like a Maverick, Louis V print fabric
Man, I swear these niggas moving backwards
I'm moving faster
Tell the niggas put "original" in all my captions

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