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To Old Friends and New - text

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You have got a lot of nerve to behave the way that you do
Making me listen to all of your carrying on
You are not the only one who thinks that life is so cruel
Me, I have got problems of my own
But if you talk and nobody's listening
Then it's almost like being alone
So it's alright the way you piss and moan
It's alright, the way you piss and moan
Like the time traveler who killed his grandfather, these cycles are bringing me down
We could build a nice life together if we don't kill each other first
Are you just too fucked up to understand me or is it the other way around?
Maybe it's both, and I just don't know which is worse
So you better thank your lucky stars
You don't know half what I know is true
But it's alright if you think that you do
It's alright, if you think that you do
Was it the devil, or was it the lord
Who gave you those words
The ones I never heard?
It's alright to kill and it's alright to steal
If you're willing to hold up your part of the deal
There are plenty of things that are worth dying for
But you'll never know until you open that door
And reasons for living are seldom and few
And if you see one you better stick to it like glue, yes it's true, it is true
If I were there to keep satisfied all of your carnal desires
Then it might be my place to say what is or isn't forbid
So how can I hold it against you if you answer the call of the wild?
No matter how brilliant a woman, you're only a kid
But if you know that nobody is ever going
To suffer for you like I did
Well it's alright the way that you live
It's alright the way that you live
It's alright now

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