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If the weather's as bad as the weatherman says, we're in for a real mean storm
If the times are as hard as folks are saying they are, some folks have it real, real hard
Can't even get a break, forget about getting ahead--you bet they never get too far
If the people upstairs acted like they even cared, I'd crack a real wide smile
But I'd have to guess, to witness something like this, you'd have to wait a real long while
If life is as tough as the last couple months, we're in for a real rough year
If the future's as bleak as I hear on the street, we're looking at a real long haul
The people I speak to take drugs when they need to stop thinking about it all
Me? I've taken a few so I could stop thinking too--who hasn't used a drug?
But turning off yr mind a couple few too many times can turn you to a real dumb slug
If things are as bad as the newspaper says, we're in for a real big war
If this is the shit that we're to be dealing with then we made a real bad deal
But shit isn't new until it happens to you, spinning like a reel-to-reel
If we could stop this train and start all over again, make all of the states shake hands
Well, I'd smile real wide although I know, down deep inside, that happening has a real slim chance
It's a real big war that they've got in store for us

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