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Everyone has had a father
But my father had a brother too
Brother who wouldn't do the things
You hope a brother'd do
A brother who wouldn't work the land
Just ran around all day
And fell down drunken every night
Not taking time to pray
Not taking time to pray
But I never knew the truth
Of my poor father's brother
They said my father's brother
He went out to sea and drowned
We seldom spoke
Of my poor father's brother
My father, he went through that once
Now he wants to walk around
He wants to walk around
Oh, but I am not my father
Nor his brother, nor my brother, no
I am something the likes of which
Such men have never known
Oh, and I will neither forgive
Nor forget the awful day
That they came and killed our children
And they took our land away
They took our land away
But on the other side
My radiant lady's waiting
With a beaconing light
Shining from her open hand
Oh, on the other side
My whole life's a-waiting
In her glimmering eye
I'll be another man

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