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There's a certain kind of man
Who can't raise a son
He can't even take care of himself
Let alone anyone else
This same sort of man can't bring a girl
Up to a woman of the world
There's little in the universe
That seems more absurd
And if it ever has happened before
Then it's still obscure
Because there ain't no kind of man
That can raise the sun
It only ever comes out
On it's own recognizance
And there ain't no living man
That can spin a world of shit
Intro a golden pearl
So what is the purpose
Searching for the perfect words?
Digging in the desert
Trying to describe the earth
For whatever you thought that it was worth
To make the bastard's hurt just a little worth
That's why I'm digging in the desert
I walked into a baptist church in a purple shirt
I wanna hurt the bastards
I wanna hurt the bastards
I'm going down in the mine
Just one last time
Back to the place where
I first lost my mind
I gotta try to find some kinda light
Besides the gleaming in a doctor's eye
The lies behind his beatific disguise
The memory of his constant greed is all I need
To proceed to unleash the freak
Then I meet the mystery beast
In the dungeon deep
Tonight I remind him of a child's hide
Where he once sunk his teeth
When I see him beneath my feet
He's gonna be that weak
And I can be something again
Instead of some disease
I'm more than some disease
I was born to kill a wicked king
Some kind of Reagan hunter
To live amongst the vivid things
Even the raging thunder
No more crying in a cage
And gazing in vacant wonder
Upon the raping of the mother
The pillage and the hateful plunder
I seen the raping of the mother
Now hear the avenging thunder
Born to kill the president
Won't genuflect before
A genocidal government
Without a permit or a precedent
Don't wait for permission
From another man
Only from one woman:
The earthly mother
Cuz I am a classy mother lover
And you are a nasty motherfucker
You gotta love the mutha
You gotta love the mutha
The way I love the mutha
Turned me into the Reagan Hunter

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