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These pigs think you're a dollar sign and they want you to die
They don't even blink over the thought of eradicating every single one of us
This is our lives, our art, our culture, and it's dying right in front of us
And your fucking apathy is all that's left
But isn't that how they shut you up?
Stand up!
You've got to be so sick of this
Watching everything just die
The best thing about cowards is no matter what their strength is, when everything goes wrong they all will turn upon themselves
So I will be a beacon shining light on the confusion and I hope you brought your voice
Yeah I could show you how to use it
If you could see your voice as a weapon you could start arson, could defend yourself
You could defend yourself
Never short a trench to die in
Well I said never short of life that you wished belonged to you
Never short a drug to hide in
Don't do it
Never short a serpents tongue to correct you
Until you're dead I don't need any sleep
So I'll never see the American dream
Until you're dead I don't need any sleep
I don't need it
If you put them to sleep we'll wake them up
It ends tonight
If you leave out the truth we'll make it up
It ends tonight
The truth is around your neck!
So don't blame me
It's not my fault
I can't adjust what you all say
And this is life, where only the selfish can save themselves
How fucked up is this
So tell them if you're part of the pattern you'll break the system
Oh, wait, wait wait wait, I've still got some left
If there is love, in all of us, then I guess sweat shops build themselves
And we were made to tear them down!
So stand up!

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