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Live Before We Die - text

GOMEZ (sung)
Let's live before die...
lets laugh before we cry
Let's hold each other tight and die
Let's try before we fail
Let's fly before we bail
Let's keep things black and white and dance!
The World, We See. Can only be our friend
If You. And Me, keep dancing till the end
Cant' we see eye to eye, and over simplify.
Lets live before we die and dance!
MORTICIA (spoken)
You think your pretty charming, don't you...
GOMEZ (spoken)
You used to...
MORTICIA (spoken)
That was yesterday...what about tomorrow!
GOMEZ (spoken)
Oh my darling, don't ask for the stars, when we have this big love-struck moon!
I've never been inclined, to leave the past behind
Lets stay right where we are, and dance!
Its like a castanet..we'll click with no regret!
Let's find the evening star and dance
The place were in, can never be what was
Till we begin what dancing does
Don't leave me high and dry
But can't you see that I say live before we die..and..
MORTICIA (spoken)
Has anyone ever told you? You move like a corpse!
GOMEZ (spoken)
Thank You! I studied with Lurch!
If time keeps ticking by...
Then maybe we should try
to face it as a pair and dance!
Although we're lost! Where drifting out to sea
But side by side, where gloomy as can be..
As gloomy as can be...If you can take my hand..
Then surely, we could stand and live before we die...and...
(Tango begins)

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