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black lips from when you passed out cold
light shinin above me
you little rolling stone
blue blue hearts
there’s no feeling left
i like it when you undress me
because you do it the best babe
you said meet down at the deli
i’ll be in our same seat
drinking my coffee
waiting for you
cry cry cry cry cry cry on me
i know that you really want me
i guess i want you too
cry cry cry cry cry cry on me
you gotta give me something
so i can remember you HIGH DRAG OUT
you used to hold me hand like it was made for you
and fall asleep while i’d sing pale blue eyes
he said “ill marry you when we’re older
meet you in the same seat
drinking my coffee waiting for you”
do you remember, black lips on my pillow?
do you remember the pink light in my room
do you ever wonder where all the time goes?
it hurts not to kiss you
fuck it i miss you
it’s always been you

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Cry on me (Single)

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