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Anna: Look at everyone, they don't realize
Olaf: What?
Anna: We planned a party as a big surprise
Soon the ballroom will echo with sounds of cheer
As we ring in the season this year
Elsa: This is overdue, gotta look our best
Olaf: Ooh, I've never been so nicely dressed
Elsa: We'll be hosting and toasting the whole night through
As we ring in the season with you
Anna: It's the first Christmas in forever
Elsa: Since we opened up the gates
Anna: And it's the first Christmas I remember to date
Anna and Elsa:
And it's already worth the wait
Look at all the joy
(Chorus: All the joy)
And it's everywhere
(Chorus: Everywhere)
Elsa: I feel the Christmas spirit in the air
(Chorus: Christmas spirit)
Anna and Elsa:
And the party will start at the strike of noon
And we'll ring in the season so soon
And it's almost time to ring the bell
We'll hear it chime through Arendelle
Elsa: It's finally here and it's happening fast
Anna: We'll make up for all we have missed in the past
All: It's time to celebrate as we ring in the season at last!

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