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Aye, lemme get this
Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah
Eatin' shit ehaha, you know how it comin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, eh
Bitch on my line like vro
I got a bitch on my line like vro
Okay like woah okay like vro okay
Bitch on my line like vro like
Okay like uh okay
Yeah, aye, jit, yeah Scarlxrd
Damn son where'd you find this?
I came to fuck up the scene, okay
I don't waste time like I'm greed, go, okay
Run up a lemon and speak, okay
I'm knocking him off his feet, okay
We make shit happen from anywhere
Me and my niggas are selves-aware
I'll take your bitch, invade her mouth, then I lean back, then say "Doctor's check"
We got cheat codes for the game, ooh
Take right circle, fuck the squares
Never swore down 'cause we break the rules
In the same clique we still billionares
All you niggas counterfeits
Can't live up for the savages
I done woke up and tweaking
I´ma add it like I'm proud of it
Yeah I'm not the sound of it
Managing with all the saddest shit (Wooooooo! laughs)
Better get the bandages
I´ma start doin' damages, yeah yeah yeah eh
I can't have you niggas waste my time, yeah yeah eh
If the paper is shit then we decline, yeah yeah eh
We be out here flashin' our designs, yeah yeah eh
They gon see the style and try to buy it, yeah yeah eh
Scarlxrd fucking right, I got paper, Imma buy it
My ex thinks that I'm the righteous
Niggas mad there's no one like us
Wasted time 'cause I'm so timeless
I don't care about the prices
Y'all some pussies actin' violent
Slice your neck, I like the silence, yeah (Die)

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