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Lost - text

Walked home tonight through the streets
Where we all came of age
Buildings still the same but the faces
Now seem so strange
Though its been so many years
Since I saw your face
I still think about you all the time
But you left no trace
Where are you now?
Do you have somebody to love you?
Where are you now?
Could it be that you're thinking about me too
I'd give anything to see you again
I'd give anything to see you again
No-one else
Could come close
To your Memory
I'd give anything to see you again
Do you still believe in the Faith
That burned inside of us
Is your soul like a stone like our friends
Eroded to dust
Though it's been so many years
Since I heard your voice
One question still remains
Did you make the choice?
This town has watched us rise and fall
To famine and to fame
Won't gain the World to lose my soul
Could you still say the same?

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