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The Order of Melchisedec - text

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He walks through the mist without a trace
Through eons and dimensions
Defying time and space
Upon the earth he was at times
In mystery his name abides
And past beyond all knowledge
Is the place where he resides
Beyond the borders of the world
Melchisedec Melech shalem!
Few were those for whom death would turn aside
They took a step into the infinite
Where the future and the past collide
Who was he for whom Abraham would bow
Offering the spoils of war?
Melchisedec melech shalem
Melchisedec melech shalem
Melchisedec king of the realm
The high priest blessed him
And gave him wine and bread
After the order of Melchisedec
Not by the law but by the oath!
Oath unbreakable
Life incorruptible

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