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Gotta Believe It - text

I'm only human, here just for a little while
A crazy believer
I'm not singing just to make you smile
I wanna tell you the truth
I'm not a superstar, but it don't matter who you are
He's always there, even when life's not fair
I want you to know
Everyday's not gonna go your way
You're gonna be okay
Gotta believe it, just believe it
His love for you is gonna get you through
There's nothing God can't do
You gotta believe it, just believe it today
We're the same you and me
We've got two hands and two feet
I think I know how you're feeling
I've seen my dreams run away
Just like you I've been afraid
I believed all the lies
I'll tell you the truth
Cause I want you to know
Everyday won't go your way
No need to be afraid
You're gonna be okay today

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