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Me, Myself And Sky - text

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Listen To This Story, Son, There's Somethin' You Gotta Know
Your Spirit Got To Find For Sure Are You Standin' High Or Low
Now, Listen With The Both Ears Open And Don't Ask Me Why
You'll Hear why I'm Lonely, Just Me, Myself And Sky
I Don't Need No Carriages, The Rainbow Is My Horse
I Don't Need To Think About Is It Better Or It's Worse
I Don't Need No Empty Rooms, The Land's My Very Bed
With The Sheets Of Green Grass Growin' And Rock Upon My Head
Chorus :
I Got Friends, Blow Ye Winds, 'Tween The Clouds So Wild And Free
I Take A Breath To Spread My Wings And Fly Accross The Sea
So That's The Fairytale My Boy, Sleep Tight And Try To Learn
You Got World In Hand My Son, Just Don't Betray Your Soul

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