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A bond for life, the quest that's in their head.
The beauty of it all seems slipped away,
The value of it all astray.
They're made to last, their breed won't easily break.
Endurance is a virtue they possess,
Deliverance what they caress.
There's times to wait, and times to doubt,
And times to do everything your way.
Decide to go, decide to act,
Decide to get on your knees and pray.
Warned by pride, ambitions that collide.
Isn't it a shame to waste your time,
On falling down before you climb?
When will we unite? When will we both see the meaning?
There will be new times, there will be a sign.
For the eyes of all true.
There will be a sign for you.
Lost and found, it's deep within yourselves.
When trickery and lies do rule the stage,
Impossible to temper rage.
What's this world, where no one can forgive.
The story of a man nailed to the cross,
To no effect His ultimate loss.

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