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The Dark Side - text

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suffer with me
or you will see the end of time
the figure you are dreaming of
the shapes of those are mine
come in my mind
coming with the tides
are roaring waves of doom
darkness we'll find, soon
if you listen to my cries then you won't miss
the prophecies I tell to everyone of you
I see you're frail, never have I seen my inner self so black
every twig I try to grab
is si fearfull it will crack
my lungs are screaming
because my heart is too shy to explain
you're born to fail
never will I find the rest
untill I'm lost and gone
and my blood poors down the drain
from beneath the earth I rumble and I bait
I've resigned myself without resistance to my fate
I drag you down
now I'm dead and what I did was useless to you all
you're down with me
the only thing I still maintain is making you even worse than me
and dragging you down within my fall
cry for me and for the world
because where I look it is black I find
cry for me because I have unfurled
I have found
the dark side of my mind

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