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in my roots underground, bits of grief still remain
lingering memories, replacing joy by pain
in my roots underneath my silent cries grind and burn
shaping my own defeat to the point of no return
you are leaving me to cope with my scars
ignoring me for what? I don't know
former joy burnt down and decayed,
all that might have been turned to hate
dew washed away by the rain, acid bitterness eats me
it burns a hole in my crust,
seedlings of our trust won't grow no more
leafless you left me as leaves fell down to earth
naked I became when you left,
lonely is the woods of my trunc
where in the whirl of your thoughts was the reason anyway?
Seasons nature's cure for my shame,
in time my branches will grow again
spring, winter's foe has arrived,
blooming I once did... and will do again...
what did I do wrong to lose your trust?
the tree that's me was shook
you turned your back and left,
can't you see I was afraid of you
and of that higher tree that took the sun away
it all happened much too fast for me
and what you didn't know:
your tears were acid rain browning my green

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