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Towards Ether - text

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All in His creation has a meaning a purpose to climb and to reach His grace.
To crush these Holy boundaries with the elements may always be the strive
to reach perfection.
Praise the One of determination.
Or fall beneath the laws of detachment.
To fear must always mean to live.
But Death can deduce us to Ether.
All these variables of "enlightenment”. justifies to kill the urge within the “I”.
To sin and break the boundaries with the syllogism may set the spirit
free to condemnation.
Where dwells the hidden truth of Arche?
- Beyond Logos.
From where comes the secret genesis of Arche?
- Beyond Chaos.
All of these impurities of seduction force the sparkle to glow within the substance.
The pious, sacred nucleus of the almighty may fall apart for man's appetite for Ether.

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