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The Holy burning seraphs, highest of the greatest of the mightiest.
Shield not thy eyes while gazing at the might of the inverted.
For the sight can not be quenched by a lord at the throne.
Six wings burnt to ashes by the fires of Lucifer’s flames.
No man, nor beast - Guardians of a Holy covenant.
Bearing the throne - of a swindler with legions of followers.
Once a sign - of wisdom for man, ages are changing.
They never veil the flaming sword, the sword of demise.
Destroyer of worlds - the light of Lucifer will always glow.
No sun will ever reach this world as long as Satan rises.
Noblest of God's creations, now blessed with wisdom and pride.
Born to serve the righteouss God - live to serve in sin.
Destroyer of worlds, I take thy downfall with blasphemy.
Satanic celebration - I shalt rise with the morning.
Serpent, deceiver of worlds. Dragon, ruler of mysteries.
He will rise up again to slay the angels breed.

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