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Key to thy Damnation - text

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As the holy salvation my word shalt be sent aloud. When thou speak in tongues
I rob the blessings of thy Lord. The world of old shalt be my kingdom, I seek my
truth in wisdom. Let the earth tremble with the purest hate and repent.
Thy Lord sends the blessings. Shalt I receive the blessings in gratitude or with heresy?
Who shalt I be reckoned with, as the one in blasphemy? I shalt come forth as the all-seeing legacy.
I choose to do my exodus and I choose thy plague. Thou choose thy ways to speak in tongues.
At the gates of thoughts I stand though the keys I have not yet. Chosen by the new trinity is few,
but proud the chosen stand. Seven are the keys to man’s own destruction and perdition. Now I have
a reason for seeking keys to thy damnation.

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