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Coherent guilt is given to all the sons that have been born.
Humanity committed a crime that never has been fulfilled.
Doomed in sin inherited by their kin for crucifying "our" lord.
Break the chains of hypocrisy given from birth to death.
Graves filled with forgotten bones gives us memories of the hurtful life.
Endless graves show the manifest of signs in shadows of mortality.
Feel the darkness overthrow thee as no life surrounds thee.
The cloak of the reaper comes over thee and the dager comes closer.
All light will slowly prevail as the edge of doom fils thy soul.
See thy holy father abandon thee at the sign of the horned one.
In sacred books and priests wisdom thee putt thy faith.
Soon to know all thy beliefs of eternal life are in vain.
All of his light is swallowed by the darkness that surrounds him.
For now thy soul belongs to all that is somber and dark.
For this is the eternity for all humans, a stone carved by the nameless.
A tomb for all to witness the mortality - and soon to be forgotten.
Thoughts of the eternal life beyond the grave will haunt thee forever.
Fooled by religions for thousands of ages - seek wisdom within!
All beliefs in immortality for humans end at the endless graves.
For the earth swallows all signs of life as soon as it appears - weak!

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