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The Lost Side of the World - text

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The sun has set, the sky so red, harmless clouds are drifting high and pale.
The moon so bright will make the night, only as black as a widows vale.
Some stars will live, some stars will fall, Northern lights will dance to no sound at all.
Yet I hear song, of winter's wind.
Through trees so long... dark whisper.
The rest will sleep, their dreams they'll keep, I'll stay awake to sensitize the night.
I can hear such sounds no one else can hear, life it is so mystical, it's just that they have gotten used to it.
Wolf's tears have fallen down, remember me of lost saddened memories found.
Still awake. Alone I'll take. Into my mind my midnight's kind.
Day only hides the sounds that play within the dark, embrace your fears so near.
When you know that there's no one else around for miles, your conscious will be clear.
Chorus I have found the
of the world... laced in true mystery.
I live in the
forever here I shall stay...

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