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The Last Sunset - text

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Five scores and three years my life's seen.
My minds last command is read to me.
No angel of death will take me away, my fear's washing away.
So still while I'll rest, gaze upon the last sunset.
Feel no cold, and I still see no fabled guiding light.
My life's before my eyes, I'm ready now.
My blood will flow its final round, Onward to death the only way.
I'm not afraid.
Last smile, last pure breath, fade with the last sunset.
I shall go to a place that I remember long ago.
Bridge Soft endorphins soothe my mind, dancing shadows play
as I die.
Never departed or saw my body from above, a ghost I would not be.
No memories of heaven or hell or of the Guff, final passing.
Open my new eyes, gaze upon the first sunrise.
For now I'll forget, the day I'll see the last sunset.
It's unending, all connecting, never pausing, so relenting.
Lives uncounted, days unnumbered, different bodies we live forever.

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