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The Kindness of Strangers - text

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Hello!! - as you take a step back out of fear, it's just a primal reaction.
Wait!! - through the eyes of suspicious is clear, why is it you don't trust me?
Gaze on a smile that is sweet and so haunting, fixed on a feeling so wrong and attracting.
Temptation rising, paralyzing, I won't do you harm.
Gray is the hand!!
Of an elderly figure, shaking and frail, a façade of soul darkness.
Weak is the eye!!
To the passion of evil, here we both stand we are two perfect strangers.
Into my mind!!
Is the realm you shall ever discover my truth or my unholy purpose.
Please take my hand!!
Take a chance for the first time, have no fear to the kindness of strangers.
Good-bye!! - I see that you are preparing to leave, is it with or without me?
Go!! - to walk alone can be paradise, that in time you will fall from.
Witness a tear that can make you so happy, a safe distance that could leave you so empty.
Logistics rising, sterilizing, it will do you harm.
Strong is the hand!!
Of a young fighting soldier, clear minded strong a detractor of frailness.
Strong is the eye!!
To the passion of evil, nothing will change we are still perfect strangers.
Out of my mind!!
Is the place you will take me to find all the lies and discover true sadness.
Let go of my hand!!
Isolation now beckons, fear I'll have to the kindness of strangers.
Together we shall be, side by side we'll always walk alone.

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