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Uh, first things first, let me check my attire.
I'm something that these rap dudes should admire.
No Louis shoes, no Gucci lens, no wire cell, but I'm so dressed to win.
Flow Gorilla, bring more bananas.
Hollywood pictures I paint on every canvas.
Real talk, these are just real words, behind the mic,
I'm equivalent to Spielberg.
Grab your popcorn, get to know me.
Got 24 years behind me like Kobe.
Clap for 'em, while I synthesize. I shoot for stars, the moon is terrified.
Flow sick, like Atchoo- Geshundeik..
have you ever danced with the devil in the moonlight? Moonlight...
She keep telling me that I am a conceited man.
I fly away with green on - Peter Pan.
So get on this level and be something,
I make the money leap like I'm bungee jumping.
It's a Grand Opening, but don't expect to see doors...
I mean I open up my heart, let me see yours.... see yours....
When it comes to name spelling,
this is what I tell them:
I'm O-Bee double E, heard my name, probably did?
See for me, rapping is a hobby kid,
Rest in Peace Mr. Miyagi, I'm the karate kid.
Hah, did you read between the lines?
Only time will tell, and in the meantime...
I'm the latest topic of conversation. Ladies, this is it, no relations.
Excuse me if my words are too profound,
but truth be told, this is how you should sound...
It's goin' down, it's goin' down, flow so relaxed, all I do is lounge...
Feet on the table, still I got proper etiquette,
oh yeah, I'm flyer than a pelican...
Cause I'm a student of a master,
and they can't crack the code, what's the password?
Uh, oh you wish you had the answers, huh?
Oh, you thought that I just a dancer, huh?
I'm the one, I will only say this one time:
Don't be mad cause I got a king
bloodline.... bloodline...

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