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I'm feeling mighty lonesome
Haven't slept a wink
I walk the floor
I watch the door
And in-between, I drink
Black coffee
Love's a hand-me-down broom
I'll never know a Sunday
In this weekday room
I'm talking to the shadows
One o'clock till four
And Lord, how slow
The moments go
When all I do is pour
Black coffee
Since the blues caught my eye
I'm hangin' out on Monday
My Sunday dreams to dry
Now man is born to go a-lovin'
And woman's born to weep and fret
To stay at home and tend
Her oven
And drown her past regrets
In coffee and cigarettes
I'm moaning all the morning
Mourning all the night
And in-between it's nicotine
And not much heart to fight
Oh, coffee
Feeling low as the ground
It's driving me crazy, this
Waitin' for my baby
To maybe come around

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