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If I stand around and watch
them drown in a pool of gray
When we dive in I can surely say
there's feud with force
Am I in your way?
Please knock me down.
Can I help you in?
When I'm not around let us
all be found in certain ways
Dear Mr. Queequeg you have been
informed your life's been saved
You are not a black-hearted
vicious mess so it has been claimed
If this is the beast pulling us towards
the east with mighty waves
Let us look inside and pull out
all your pride you know it's up to us
Holding pasts in ash black earth
Bound by roots
Roots into sand
Grow towards the giver
There's an open wound placed
upon my heart in anger's rage
If we open up a spirit, a spirit that can bleed
Ahab the leading lad
we can trust his obsession carries them
Meet us at the temple healing all the crippled
Don't forget the maimed
Lower soul sent with gifts offering
Teeth of hope travel with
Child laid next to mother

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